We have set ourselves the challenge "of creating magical moments of love between pets and their owners" for every one of our products. This is possible only when our products are of a high standard of quality and that we can fulfil the promise we make of our products. By quality management and quality control, we create a culture of quality from management through to the incoming goods department. An integrated management manual sets down the framework and is based on the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, the world's most important quality standard, for which we undergo annual inspection and certification.

An integrated system of management has been established with the inclusion of risk management complying to the HACCP standard, crisis management, and energy efficiency. The system brings together the values we share across the company. The management manual defines ambitious quality targets which create an obligation to develop and produce premium products for the well-being of pets and humans. High acceptance of our food products is as equally important as the health benefits they provide, enabling consumers to truly enjoy magical moments with their four-legged friends.

Quality management and quality control

Our products are guaranteed state-of-the-art due to continuous and well-planned inspections in, for example, incoming goods control, process control, outgoing goods control, regular laboratory analyses, acceptance tests, and communication with research institutions and the authorities. The quality management department is responsible for coordination and monitoring – the many "process owners" take responsibility for implementation. This also applies to the many additional activities associated with customer service, customer needs and our products. As part of quality management, we also personally communicate with customers and consumers.

The basis for product quality lies in high quality raw materials and packaging which are monitored through stringent specifications. We ensure, through careful and critical selection, as well as through regular visits to all main suppliers, that our goods are delivered at a consistently high level of quality and that our suppliers are familiar with, and are able to meet, our quality targets. Suppliers therefore become partners in quality assurance.

The recording and analysis of all data associated with quality provide a basis both for continuous monitoring as well as for the further development of our products and processes.
For the pure pleasure of magical moments with your four-legged friends.