We are aware of how valuable our environment is and the responsibility each and every one of us has to it. Our commitment here is demonstrated, for example, by the introduction of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50.001 which, since 2015, has also been certified by the DEKRA Certification GmbH agency. In this way we have been able to meet our obligations!

Cogeneration power plant:

Our cogeneration plant is fired by gas and simultaneously produces both heat and electricity. The heat created is used for drying purposes during cat litter production. The electricity produced covers 70% of our needs; at times the amount of electricity produced is high enough to feed excess energy back into the grid.

Gas burner:

The drying process for cat litter production takes place in the gas furnace. Large quantities of gas are required for this and the process is by far the largest consumer requiring in 1 year as much energy as the entire facility in Emmerich am Rhein does in 25 years.

LED lamps:

One of our targets is to convert the entire company to at least 80% LEDs. Production and logistics at the Emmerich am Rhein site has already been fully converted. All replacements lamps were made using LED lamps only.