H. von Gimborn is founded as a chemical-pharmaceutical factory by pharmacist Heinrich von Gimborn, whose name the company bears. The main focus of the company is initially on the production of pastes and tablets for human consumption - analogous to today's products for animals. On this basis, and with the sale of ink, liquorice and fennel honey, the company establishes itself on the market and grows rapidly. By the end of the 19th century, H. von Gimborn has branches throughout Germany and overseas subsidiaries too, including operations in South America, China and the USA.


H. von Gimborn becomes a public limited company.


The company is sold to Pelikan and henceforth manufactures ink and carbon paper on behalf of its new owner.


H. von Gimborn AG does not survive the Second World War unscathed. Having been reduced to rubble during the destruction of the city of Emmerich, it is rebuilt on a new site.


H. von Gimborn enters the pet supplies market with the acquisition of the license for the British brand Ipevet. The GimPet brand is launched shortly thereafter. GimPet is the first manufacturer to offer lactose-reduced milk for rearing kittens which is similar in composition to cat milk.


Pelikan AG sells the company to Michael Eckes, a member of the family that owns beverage manufacturer, Eckes.


The H. von Gimborn GmbH is the first company, which offers products with L-Carnitin for dogs, that reduces the fatty build-up in tissues and stimulates the energy metabolism.


The company is taken over by Süd-Chemie AG, Munich (now part of the Clariant Group) that mines bentonite on an industrial scale. This leads to Gimborn applying its knowledge of the cat food market to manufacture cat litter made from bentonite. Biokat-brand cat litter has been produced at the factory in Kelheim (Bavaria) ever since.


H. von Gimborn GmbH expands by purchasing the Italian Giglioli Group, and henceforth has subsidiaries in Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia.


Gimborn operates pet shops in the Czech Republic until 2011.


As of September 2008, the Gimborn Group is wholly owned by the Prague-based private equity fund Penta Investments.


Gimborn is recognised with the New Product of the Year Award in both 2014/15 and 2015/16 by "pet", the leading German-language magazine for the pet supplies trade.


The H. von Gimborn GmbH is taken over by the Hillhouse Capital Group. Gimborn was the first German company at all, which has been granted in 2015 already an official license from the authorities to introduce pet snacks, such as functional SnackPastes for cats, in China. Gimborn is glad to be able to further expand now its presence in the Asian markets with the new owner.


After a construction period of only eight months, the extension building of H.von Gimborn GmbH at the Emmerich site on the Rhine was put into operation at the beginning of 2019. New production, warehouse and office space was built on 3,700 m2 in order to secure and further expand the growing worldwide demand for products in the future.